the story of Bonair

“Bonair Misurina is the vision and creation of a young woman who has grown up in an amazing place, where nature feeds of the air that it breathes, Lake Misurina: the pearl of the Dolomites”.

Chiara Bonel matches the purest air from the mountains with a pleasant design. The result is a revolutionary product full of wellness, happiness and freshness. Her mission is to deliver the extraordinary BONAIR experience to people all around the world.

Chiara Bonel



interpreting new needs

“Ambient air pollution is the greatest environmental risk to health - causing more than 3 million premature deaths worldwide every year.”

World Health Organization (May 2016)

We breathe air to live and what we breathe has a direct impact on our health. The effects of air pollution are seriously detrimental to humans, especially for millions of people that live in areas where urban smog, particulate pollution and toxic pollutants make air unbreathable. We need to be aware of steps we can take to protect our lives as well as we must focus on our new needs.


clean air




body and mind


Lake Misurina

From the heart of the Alps, Lake Misurina is a unique place - the Pearl of the Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage site. Bonair Misurina comes right from the heart of the Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage. At the foot of the famous Three Peaks of Lavaredo, Lake Misurina is an enchanting place renowned for its high-quality air, ideal for treatment of bronchialasthma diseases.

The benefits of living at high altitudes are widely scientifically proved. Most of clinical data about these positive effects come from the only European Qualified Centres located in the Alps:








air quality






air humidity

These 3 key components provide the ideal environment where exposure to allergens (dust mites, pollen) and to other outdoor air pollutants is considerably reduced.


theurapeutic place

Misurina is home to the Pio XII Institute - Diagnosis and Treatment Centre for Childhood Allergy & Asthma operating under the Italian National Healthcare Agreement.

With its favorable climatic conditions, Misurina actually provides the best environment for patients with respiratory diseases, asthma and allergies. Therefore, it can be considered a therapeutic place where, after a prolonged stay, it is possible to reduce, in some cases to eliminate, the use of medication and drugs.


case study

Capturing Misurina air into a cylinder to help a 5-year-old girl in her fight against MCS*, a syndrome that makes her highly sensitive to any chemicals. Upon request of a doctors team, in 2011 a diving centre did it with 8 scuba tanks that let the girl get to England for medical treatment.

“She needed pure air, not oxygen, for her travel. So, we provided scuba tanks filled with Misurina air. It’s so pure that it did not harm the little girl”.

*MCS: (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - also called “Environmental Illness”) disease that forces to live in isolation and leaves victims “universally allergic” to multitude of substances, synthetic and natural.

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