first in Italy, first in Europe

Pure Dolomites air always with you.

In the heart of the Italian Alps, from lake Misurina - place renowned for its high-quality air, live the extraordinary BONAIR experience.

Captured right on the spot and bottled in special inhalers, the air remains completely untouched by man throughout the process, so you can enjoy its natural freshness anytime.


Breathe clean, air is life

Every breath you take is an internal shower. Bonair Misurina is a gift from nature which blows across the mountains in one of the most beautiful, unspoilt parts of the world. Throughout the seasons wind, snow and water forge the Air element. It is during this time that the Misurina air’s unique qualities are absorbed and gathered, free from pollution or the influences of man.


pure air, pure design

BONAIR MISURINA is pure fresh air in a bottle… An idea as bold as doable! An innovative design combines simplicity of use with effective performance.
Safe, reliable, easy to carry, it ensures pleasant air delivery into the lungs.
As BONAIR does not contain propellant it is also an ecological
and healthy choice. Let’s take a well-being break.

Designed and manufactured in Italy.







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